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Thread: Need Cutting Advice.....

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    Originally posted by FitBethie4
    See I'd need plan training because of work - I work 2 jobs, and have to fit my training and dieting in, and it's hard, but being on a set schedule is the easiest for me.
    With the CKD you would workout on the 2 days following the carb load (upper/lower body split usaully) and then you would perform a depletion workout before the carb load. If you schedule will allow for this then the CKD would be fine. There is a lot of info on the CKD if you run a search and also an articles on the main page (if you needed the exact specifications of the diet).

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    Originally posted by ElPietro
    Oh, your name is Beth. You are a girl. Bleh...

    Ahem. How long do you have before the shoot?
    You can't babysit this.

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    In my opinion, the two most important aspects of losing body fat are caloric balance and activity/exercise.

    Doing a good amount of cardio while continuing with weightlifting is beneficial for fat loss. Cardio helps regulate your appetite, increases your metabolism, helps maintain muscle (as opposed to dieting without cardio or weights), increases fat burning enzymes so you will be a better fat burner in the future, and changes the body's chemistry in ways that favor reduing body fat (effects insulin, adrenaline, cortisol, and endorphins). In addition cardio has numerous health benefits.

    Fat burning increases quite a bit as duration of cardio increases. Some studies have found as much as a 7x increase in fat mobilization after 1 hr. For fat loss, suggests going at 60-80% MHR and to "Progress to at least 45 minutes, 60-90 minutes recommended." I would suggest a little lower, perhaps 30-60 minutes to minimize muscle loss (using body protein as fuel). It is also important to progress to longer durations, rather than start at them. If you are on a low carb diet, your starting glycogen stores are lower, so durations should be decreased accordingly. HIIT type training is also beneficial as it increases fat burning after the exercise. Some studies have found that persons doing HIIT training lose twice as much subcutanious fat as persons doing the previously described aerobic exercise. I think it is best of all to do a combination of HIIT and longer duration aerobic exercise, and using more than one machine (running & cycling, eliptical trainer & swimming, etc). This helps avoid overtraining and reap maximum benefits.

    Weightlifting is important to help maintain muscle. More muscle increases metabolism and improves fat burning efficiency. Cardio and weightlifting can intefere with each other, so it is beneficial to separate them.

    Creating a small caloric deficit is also beneficial for fat loss. I think that you should not go more than a couple hundred calories below maintenance, although some would recommend more. Restricting caloric intake too much may slow down metabolism and increase muscle loss.

    There are a lot of diets which claim to increase fat loss by adjusting macronutrient percentages, entering ketosis, rotating/cycling carbs, rotating/cycling calories, optimizing hormones, etc. Many of them do offer some benefit. However, they are not essential and are not a magic bullet to fat loss. Athletes in cardio type sports often maintain low body fats all training season and often follow almost the direct opposite of the recommendiations in many of these diets.

    This type of cutting diet has its positives and negatives. When carbs are low (or fat intake is high), the body is more likely to look for alternative fuel sources, such as fat or protein. This increases fat burning. One of many downsides to this approach is that without adaquate carbs for fuel, your workouts suffer (both weights & cardio). Some diets get around this by periodically carbing up, usually near workouts. Another downside is that when exercising while carbs are low, the body is more likely to breakdown muscle protein for fuel. Some diets claim that an increased protein intake will prevent this type of muscle loss because the body will choose dietary proteins over muscle proteins. I am not sure if this is true or not. I would suggest first trying a balanced diet that you can continue after the fat comes off, before going to a ketosis type cutting diet.
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    Man aka, you're full of fitness knowledge, aren't you
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    I couldn't post the other day because the forums are down. I will be doing the shoot between the months of June and July. So I have until then to diet down and get where I need to be. I was just wondering, who competes here, and does anyone ever go to any of the Ohio shows like the Francois, or Ohio Natural? I'm sure plenty went to the Arnold - I worked a booth a couple of the days.... let me know if anyone's competing this year and what shows are good starters as well.
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