I'm new to the forums, so here we go.

I wanted to know what the best diet for me would be to cut my bodyfat significantly in a very limited amount of time. I am going to be doing some modeling coming up, and my diet is pretty clean, but it's only been to maintain. Now, it's time to really hit it hardcore. Can anyone give me an example diet? I have no problem cutting my carbs nor doing a lot of cardio - so amount of cardio will help as well. Here are my stats as of now..

Age: 21
Height: about 5'10"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Bodyfat%: 17% (that was thru biolectrical impedence, not calipers or hydrostatic, so that could fluctuate I'm sure)

Well hopefully that is enough info - any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks!

- Beth