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Thread: Weaker Arm

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    Weaker Arm

    My left Arm Is Way weaker than My RIght Arm and I'm lifting the same weights and doing the same rep's like I do with my right Arm any Ideas how to work my left arm so it can be equal to my Right arm?

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    Use dumbells, and give it time. If your left is failing quite a few reps before the right, do a set just with your left. I've done this with wrist curls. But mainly give it time.

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    yes time is what it takes...i had the same problem with my right bicep being weaker then my left, which is weird cuz im right handed but anyway just hit them both hard and they will even out.
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    Mikey, have the same prob. My right bicep is approx a half inch smaller than my left, though it is also more defined than the left. Currently working this problem out and it really is not a big concern for me right now. Though I must say that it is not physically weaker, I think it is just something to do with genetics in which some muscles grow faster or bigger than others and those others can get more cut and defined than the other faster.
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    I doubt you will ever get both sides equal in strength. I wouldn't worry about it too much, as it's pretty much a common occurrence across the board.
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