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Thread: Overtraining and bad work out??

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    Overtraining and bad work out??

    OK, my workout buddy is one of those guys who thinks quantity over form and more weight than you can handle is good. We are not big guys (he thinks he’s huge at 175 and mostly fat) I do everything with good form and weight I can handle. I know how important form is from being a gymnast. I’m getting from 6-8 reps on everything. My friend is doing about 2-4 reps on everything using horrible form. He doesn’t listen to me because he’s been lifting for a year (with little gains). My self-only 4 months. I have gained about 15 lb in lean muscle mass, up to 165!!!!!! But the workouts are so long and I think they are starting to take a toll on me.

    This is what we do,

    Day 1: Chest and Triceps
    3 sets Chest flys
    3 sets BB bench
    3 sets DB incline
    3 sets BB incline
    3 sets DB decline
    3 sets BB decline

    3 sets Dips
    3 Rope Triceps
    3 sets triceps press
    3 sets DB triceps press
    3 sets of something else

    Day 2: Shoulders and Biceps

    3 sets power cleans (on power rack on second level because “The ones from the ground up are too hard and bad for you”)
    3 sets BB shoulder press
    3 sets DB shoulder press
    3 sets side raises

    3 sets Biceps curl
    3 sets Long Branch biceps curl
    3 sets Hammer curl
    3 sets machine curl

    Day 3: Legs

    3 sets squats
    3 sets hack squats
    3 sets Delayed Leg extensions
    1 set hamstring curls (“Hamstrings make you run slower and jump lower”)
    3 sets slanted calves
    3 sets regular calves
    3 sets donkey calves

    Day 4: Back and traps

    3 sets dead lifts (on power rack on second level because “The ones from the ground up are too hard and bad for you”)
    3 sets lat pull downs
    3 sets t-bar
    1 drop set shrugs
    2 other exercises of stuff I don’t know the name of.

    I’m not that knowledgeable of the terms, sorry. Also anything I said in quotes is what my friend says. What should I do and am I over training?

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    I can say with certainty unless you are some gentic freak that loves volume you are overtraining. Like 12 sets for you calves is NUTS while 3 sets for hammies is on the low side. I did the same thing when I started lifting (about a year ago). My workouts took like friggen 2-2.5 hours to complete or longer depending how long i socialized. That was stupid and I will never do that again. Both a waste of time and hinders your gains. Keep your volume lower and your intensity higher. I found this is a much better solution. Your rep range is fine and always keep good form unless you feel like getting hurt. Well hope that helps a bit and keep liftin'.

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    Yeah, I think that's a bit much.

    Y'all have the days right, more or less, but I think that's a bit much.

    Cut it down to 2-4 exercises per part, and 2-3 sets per exercise.
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    sounds a bit much

    to cut down ,

    for chest:
    dont do both db and bb incline or decline, choose one
    then maybe alternate the following week.

    for shoulders:
    the cleans by far are a great exercise to develop
    the entire shoulder and upper back area.
    stay with those, drop the bb shoulder press and stick to db with
    good form.

    for legs, i'd substitute leg press for hack squat

    everything else looks ok, i'd add in upright rows possibly on shoulder or back day.

    good luck and smack some sense into your buddy.

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    try this and look here

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