I have been working out or the better part of 1 year with good results (given my personal goals - mass and some definition). I have been intermittently checking out the WBB routines and forums, and have picked up some good info.

Due to my schedule I have 3 days/week to workout. I started with push/pull strategy: M -chest/back, W - legs/abs, Sat - back/bi/tri; I do 20-25 min cardio each workout day. In general I do 3 exercises each for chest, back, and shoulders, and 2 each for bis or tris, 3 sets each exercise, and shoot for 6-10 reps/set.

To mix things up, I recently changed to a push or pull workout: M - chest/shoulders/tri, W - legs/abs, Sat - Back/bi.

I get the feeling that I have almost too much rest (is this possible?) between workouts for each bodypart, whereas with my previous workout each upper bodypart got hit once/wk hard, and once per week as bystander.

Which is preferred - more rest, or going back to push/pull type workout to hit bodyparts twice per week? I thought to avoid working 2 major bodyparts (back/chest) on a single day, a better push/pull workout than my initial schedule above might be: M - chest/bi, W - legs/abs, Sat - back/shoulders/tris.

I appreciate in advance your collective wisdom.