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Thread: my workout routine

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    my workout routine

    Im starting to work out... how does this look:
    Monday: Biceps and triceps
    A- Triceps
    1Press down
    3Close grip bench press

    B- Biceps
    1Standing barbell curls
    2Seated dumbbell curls
    3Preacher curls

    Tuesday: Legs
    1Calf Raises (inside and outside)
    3Straight lef deadlift
    4lying leg curl
    5leg press

    Wednesday: Shoulders
    1Dumbbell front lateral raise
    2Barbell Military press
    3Barbell upright row
    4Dumbell lying row

    E- Chest
    1Flat bench press
    2Incline bench press
    3Flat bench dumbbell flyes
    4Incline Dumbbell flyes

    F- Back
    1Assisted chin up
    3Seated row
    4 hyperextensions

    what s good, whats bad... what should I change?

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    Look slike a reasonable start, although I think you might be better served by a simpler routine.
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    What kind of sets/reps are you going to be using?

    Um, just a few suggestions...

    I'd think about putting your arm workout later in the week as opposed to the first workout only because, your arms get used in pretty much any upper body lift like benches or rows. If you smoke your arms first thing in the week, you may not be able to give you bigger bodyparts as good a workout 'cause your arms will be tired.

    For shoulders, I'd get rid of one exericse (not the militaries). Your shoulders are a relatively small muscle group which gets worked during both chest and shoulder workouts.

    Lastly, for back....I'd throw in barbell rows! Although, I'm somewhat partial towards those. :-)

    Good luck!

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    He made some very good points. Putting the arm workout later is definitely a good idea.

    I would probably put a day or 2 of something else in between chest and shoulders because your tri's will be worn out from the shoulders to give you a proper chest workout.
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