I have been gaining a PR every week for the last 5 until yesterday. Well I may have got a little stronger but I did not lift what I wanted to. 455X1 is my current best. Yesterday went like this 405X5, 475X1 miss, 465X1 miss!!! I am sure if I tried 465 first I would have gotten it and I am sure I would of pulled at least 455 again. My week point is from above the knee to lock out. I tend on doing rack pulls from that hight

Can some one post advice or techniques to improve your deadlift. Or to break threw your sticking points. How long should I do rack pulls before I go to the floor again? I gues one week is not gonna cut it since I didnt lock out this week.
Oh and I keep chipping up my shins every monday I have a new bloody scar to bitch about. I had a long sock idea but cant seem to keep them with me, or both pairs together when I need them.