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Thread: could my problem be weak abs?

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    could my problem be weak abs?

    About a year ago, I stopped doing direct ab work, figuring (like I've read a million times) abs get a ton of indirect work from almost every exercise. Now, combine this with the fact that I can't seem to do squats right. Could weak abs be my problem with squats?

    Also, could weak abs be slowing/stopping my gains on other exercises? I WILL be starting direct ab work again no matter what (starting today), but I was just wondering, if it turns out that stopping direct work has given me weak abs, could it be screwing up my lifting as a whole?

    Thanks in advance.

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    A strong central core is very important. Test yourself somehow, like how many hanging crunches you can do. Just to see how weak your abs are. I'm guessing if you can do 15 or more in a fresh set your abs are fairly strong. Of course some of it depends on what form you use for the exercise. Anyway just some ab exercise that you'll reach failure pretty quickly.
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    Bump on runt....a strong core is important to training..especially strength training. If you look at PL and Olympic weightlifting routines, there is alot of heavy ab work.

    As for not squatting properly...yes it could be abs, or it could be lower your lower back (again that whole torso thing)....What exactly happens when you squat?



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