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Thread: workout programs

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    workout programs

    yes the new guy again lol

    lot of questions hope no one minds

    in need of a good workout program for beginners . whole body workout programs if possible something that will work all muscles in a weeks time

    cant wait for the input and help

    thanks chris

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    How much of a beginner are you? If your a virgin to free weights I would suggest looking at Bill Phillips Body for Life program. You can buy the book just about anywhere for less the $20.00. It's very basic, it will teach good nutritional habits as well as good training habits. Then you can expand from there.
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    sometimes slowly

    My stats:
    Age - 43
    ht - 5' - 7"
    wt - 152 lbs
    bf% - 10.5%
    pipe dream goal 175 lbs @ 10% bf
    making the switch to power lifting


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