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    Anyone want to list some titles to good poems you've heard or read.

    I need to do a literary analysis, and I'm not much of a poem reader so I have no idea where to look, and I don't want to do just a random online search.

    I have a few in mind, but wanted to look around some more.

    So lets have it.

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    My favorite poem, "Paranoid/A Chant" -Stephen King
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    if by rudyard kipling.

    also several of shakespeare's sonnets/ forgot the # of the one i like best, but the first line goes -

    "love is not love that alters when it alteration finds"
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    There are some excellent haikus on this site if you search for them.
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    Sledgehammer love......pretty good poem.

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    Originally posted by ElPietro
    There are some excellent haikus on this site if you search for them.

    -deFenDeRs oF thE unDerRateD

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    Getting Swole
    Prison Sex
    all by Maynard James Keenan
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    I think I'm going to do "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou.. I really do think her poetry is captivating.

    I dunno though, I might change my mind.

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    De idioot in het bad
    Met opgetrokken schouders, toegeknepen ogen,
    haast dravend en vaak hakend in de mat,
    lelijk en onbeholpen aan zusters arm gebogen,
    gaat elke week de idioot naar t bad.

    The Idiot in the bath
    With raised shoulders, pinched eyes,
    almost trembling and often hooked on the mat,
    bent ugly and helpless by nurses arm
    every week the idiot goes to the bath

    De damp, die van het warme water slaat
    maakt hem geruster: witte stoom. . .
    En bij elk kledingstuk, dat van hem afgaat,
    bevangt hem meer en meer een oud vertrouwde droom

    The fume, that rises off the warm water
    eases him down: white steam...
    and with every piece of clothing that comes off,
    he feels more and more in an old trusted dream.

    De zuster laat hem in het water glijden,
    hij vouwt zijn dunne armen op zijn borst,
    hij zucht, als bij het lessen van zijn eerste dorst
    en om zijn mond gloort langzaam aan een groot verblijden

    The nurse lets him slide into the water
    he folds his skinny arms across his chest,
    he sighs, as when relieving his first thirst
    and around his mouth glows slowly a great happiness

    Zijn zorgelijk gezicht is leeg en mooi geworden,
    zijn dunne voeten staan rechtop als bleke bloemen,
    zijn lange, bleke benen, die reeds licht verdorden
    komen als berkenstammen door het groen opdoemen.

    His troubled face has gone empty and pretty,
    his thin feet stand up like pale flowers,
    his long, white legs, that yet lightly parished
    Come rising from the green like berk stems

    Hij is in dit groen water nog als ongeboren,
    hij weet nog niet, dat sommige vruchten nimmer rijpen,
    hij heeft de wijsheid van het lichaam niet verloren
    en hoeft de dingen van den geest niet te begrijpen.

    In this green water he is like unborn
    he does not know yet, that some fruits never ripen,
    he has not lost the wisdom of the body
    and doesn`t have to understand the things of the mind.

    En elke keer, dat hij uit t bad gehaald wordt,
    en stevig met een handdoek drooggewreven
    en in zijn stijve, harde kleren wordt gesjord
    stribbelt hij tegen en dan huilt hij even.

    And every time, he is taken out of the bath,
    and firmly rubbed dry with a white towel
    then jammed into his firm rigid clothes,
    he resists and cries softly.

    En elke week wordt hij opnieuw geboren
    en wreed gescheiden van het veilig water-leven,
    en elke week is hem het lot beschoren
    opnieuw een bange idioot te zijn gebleven.

    Every week he is born again
    and cruely separated from the safe water-life
    and every week his destiny holds
    to again have stayd a scared Idiot

    roughly translated.
    one must note Idiot is both a word for a mentally handicapped person with an IQ below 20, comparable to a small rodent, and a word for a fool
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    Originally posted by Tryska
    if by rudyard kipling.
    That's my favorite poem too. And The Tyger by William Blake. The Spartans wrote some cool poems.
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    "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath, nice and twisted can go any way you want. Awsome poem worth checking out. Being an English Major I have done load of literary analysis.
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    It is lengthy but.....

    Rime of the Ancient Mariner - S.T. Coleridge

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    ahhh...i love coleridge. prefer the trippy feel of kubla khan tho.

    and shane....if is my motivation for anytime things get a little rough.
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    Death be not proud by John Donne is an awesome poem.
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    Originally posted by Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer love......pretty good poem.
    Is that your own rendition of Muskrat love?

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    There is absolutely NO competition for best poem ever.

    Here is the last part of it, for those that will recognize it right away:

    So live, that when thy summons comes to join
    The innumerable caravan, which moves
    To that mysterious realm, where each shall take
    His chamber in the silent halls of death,
    Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,
    Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed
    By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave
    Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
    About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.

    Word, bitches. Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant.
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    Originally posted by steveo
    "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath, nice and twisted can go any way you want. Awsome poem worth checking out. Being an English Major I have done load of literary analysis.
    Well then you can help me eh?

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    I have a question kinda related;

    'A city made of wood is built in the forest.
    A city made of stone is built in the mountains.
    A city made of dreams is built in heaven.'
    From The Dom 'Ruystni Cycle

    Does anyone know what "The Dom 'Ruystni Cycle" is?

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    Originally posted by ElPietro
    There are some excellent haikus on this site if you search for them.
    I love the haiku thread! We should bring it back into existance!


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