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    MonStar's Journal

    MonStar's Journal

    I have decided to get back into the iron game, the bodybuilding side of the iron game. Westside was a GREAT program, really enjoyed it. But I miss the bodybuilding style workouts too much. An entire day dedicated to back, etc. Overall, I think that a bodybuilding program is far more fun than a powerlifting routine, but thats just my personal opinion of both. Then again, I have favored bodybuilding my entire life. Strength and size is what I am still focusing on 100%. I am just leaning towards a bodybuilding program at this point, rather than a powerlifting one. My split is going to be as follows, and it will not change:

    S---Back, Biceps
    T---Chest, Triceps
    W---Legs, Lower Back
    F---Shoulders, Traps, Miscellaneous

    Like I said its going to be much more bodybuilding based, compared to Westside. Higher-rep sets, although Ill still be doing triples, doubles, and singles. Just not maximally week to week. Going to be great getting back into the bodybuilding style workouts.

    WBB Members / MODs---I talked to Belial about this journal. I want ONLY positive things will be posted. No flaming, and nothing immature. Please dont make Belial delete any posts. Keep things positive, I have not started a new journal in months (seriously).
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