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Thread: Post Surgery

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    Post Surgery

    Thank God everything went okay on the first of two surgeries on my ankle. I was in th e hospital for a wide range of tests before the surgery, partly due to past medical problems. The next surgery is in 10-12 weeks, so i will be off lifting for a very long time.

    All i can say is, ankle surgery is VERY painfull. I was given two shots in the hospital and nothing help aleviate (sp) the pain. I could not sleep, I am in my bed because I cant move. The pain killer I am taking only gets me dizze, the pain is horrible....

    I guess I have to take it one day at a time, and try to stay focused.
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    That's rough man. Good luck and I hope everything turns out well. Get better and back in the gym soon.
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    I just had complete knee reconstruction in November. The road back is long, but worth it. I am able to jog now and light squats.

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    lol thats how all surgerys are man ive had several they do suck but only hurt as bad as you let them plus you get da ladies !!
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    What painkiller did they give you? You can ask for a different drug or a stronger dosage, probably. Of course, I'd never advocate buying black market painkillers, but some people have been known to do that...

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    LOL thanks for the support guys. But I dont think i will be getting the ladies for a while, since i cant even get out of bed.

    While In the Hospital they gave me some strong shots, dont know the name however. I was given VICOPROFEN 7.5MG/200MG tablets to take every 4 hours, but all it does is put me to sleep.

    I am wondering how should I keep my diet?

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    Yeah, I remember the post surgery blues after I got my torn pec repaired. They put me on Hydrocodine(sp?), but I didn't like the way that knocked me out, so I just used regular aspirin. Not as effective, but at least I was still alert.
    As for my diet, to be honest, i was more focused on my recovery than worrying about what I ate. Anyway, try not to dwell on it too long, that only prolongs the misery. I thought I'd never be able to lift again, but now, almost a year later, I'm actually stronger (and smarter) than I was before the injury.
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    pinch the nurses in the ass, read flex for motivation and eat as much as you can, you can do this! Go Beastin!
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    Vicoprofen is crap.

    Ask for the Percocet 7.5/500

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    Percodan or Tylox (anything with oxycodone in it, as opposed to hydrocodone) would help alleviate the pain more effectively, as they are stronger.
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