I got my newest issue of Monster Muscle magazine yesterday. As I was thumbing through it, I came across contest coverage for a recent meet in Nevada. To my surprise, I see a picture of Tom Manno benching. Tom used to train at the same gym I did in Phoenix. He is an ex-professional football player. When I knew him, about 7-8 years ago, he was 6'2-3" AND 275 ish. He competed in natural powerlifting bench meets, and had a record of 500 ish lbs (in some federation). I think it may have been raw, but I am not sure. I do remember working out with him a few times, and of course, observing him others. He was extremely strong. He had a huge chest, shoulders, and triceps. Just a big guy all around, and not fat at all. A very nice guy as well, soft spoken. Anyway, it was cool to see someone I know in the magazine and I felt like sharing that.