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Thread: overall routine help

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    overall routine help

    Alright, i have been debating whether or not i should post my routine and ask for help. Im not so much afraid that im doing a lot of things wrong and just wasting time as i am that i will get embarrased and damage my fragile ego from your mockery. So if you post you gotta promise to make only minimal wisecracks.

    Im a martial artist, and the need for strength and of course the need to look good naked has recently motivated me to start what i first called 'exercising'. Since i dont like to dive into anything without as much knowledge as i can gain on it, i started researching. I soon found out that i am going to have to become and elitist to acheive my goals... and after lurking at this forum for a while i decided it wasnt going to be so bad. Ive reached a point where i am the top of the food chain at the small gym in my small town. I know my goals, and i know how to acheive them, and so on. At this point i am in the proper place to start mingling with the pro's and getting in to the scene to learn more and hammer out the kinks in my routines.

    I guess the best way to do this is post my routine and hopefully get some constructive critisizm. I usually switch up the order every day, and add or take a set here or there (depending on how my body is doing after that 2nd set), I use all machines, except obviously when im working out my abs and forearms.

    I work out every other day, seeing as im 17, i have school and a job, and the nearest gym is in the next town, i cant make it there every day.

    I start of with stretching, then cardio, jogging for 1-2 miles. Then i go on to lifting, here is about what i usually do:

    Bicep curls - 3 sets of 15 - 40 lbs
    Slanted Bech - 3 sets of 15 - 50 lbs
    Hanging leg ups - 3 sets of 20
    Vertical Bench - 3 sets of 15 - 50 lbs
    Forearm curls - 3 sets of 35 - 15 lbs
    Slanted sit ups, sometimes while throwing a 10 lb medicine ball back and forth with a partner
    Shoulder press - 2 sets of 15 - 40 lbs
    Lat pulldown - 2 sets of 15 - 50 lbs
    Rowing machine - 2 sets of 15 - 60 lbs
    Tricep extensions - 3 sets of 15 - 40 lbs
    Lower back press - 2 sets of 15 - 100 lbs
    Wrist extensions - 2 sets of 20 - 5 lbs

    My main concern is how is doing all these exercises every other day effecting me? In what ways is it good or bad? What adjustments should i make to better meet my goals (im training for martial arts, combat and competition, strength and endurance, but im also training to be able to look good naked, so for more definition, and more muscle density, not so much mass). Any other advice will be appreciated.

    Ive been focusing on my upper body, im going to add more lower body in starting with my next visit to the gym. I also might try changing my program to add 5-10 pounds of lean muscle mass in a quicker fashion.. so any help there would be great as well. Thanks in advance.
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    No ned to do that every day.

    Train your legs.

    Take a look around the posts here, there are a couple of good beginner routines, from full body 3x a week routines, to basic splits.
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