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Thread: just a simple question! wont take long!

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    just a simple question! wont take long!

    I was thinking of a 2day split., but ive never done that before. So i was wondering if any of you have some tips to give and which bodypart to do when and some excersies

    thats all! thanks!
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    Boy, are you in luck, Rocky 'ol boy!

    I have just switched to a 3 day split and so I will give you my old 2 day split.

    It's really easy to follow and use!

    Monday - Legs

    Thursday - Upper body

    Okay, here's the other info which you may find helpful.

    On leg day, these are the exercises I would do:

    *1 Leg ext.

    *2 Squat
    1 Squat

    *1 Leg Press
    1 Leg Press

    1 Hack Squat

    *1 Lying leg curls
    1 lying leg curls
    1 standing leg curls

    *1 standing (or sitting) calf raises
    1 standing (or sitting) calf raises

    All right, that is all for the legs.

    The upper body workout is a little more tricky because there are more exercises and muscle groups involved!

    Thursday - upper body

    Notice, I did these exercises back-to-back to save some time.

    *2 Lat pulldown
    *2 Bench press

    1 Lat pulldown
    1 BB Bench-press

    1 Hammer Rows
    1 DB Incline Bench-press

    1 seated-pulley row
    1 cable crossovers

    1 DB shoulder press
    1 DB shrugs

    1 side laterals
    1 bent-over laterals

    1 CG Bench-press
    1 BB curl

    1 Incline ext.
    1 Reverse BB curl

    P.S. You are right this was a simple question...but it took a while to answer! lol

    * means warm-up sets

    Let me ask you something, why are you going on a 2 day split? Not enough time or just to mix things up?

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    you want to trian twice a day?
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    Try a push/pull. All pushing movements one day, all pulling movements the next.
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    Or a day for everything below your waist and a day for everything above. That's pretty much how Bill Phillips designed Body for Life.
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    I think he means 1/2 of the body one day, and 1/2 the other day.


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