Well i got in dallas friday night and picked up my brothers from the airport (south carolina and mississippi) we went down to the west end and ate and hung out. Saturday they went to play golf as i weighed in filled out forms and watched tv. saturday night came quick i weighed in at 203 that morning my opponent at 199. At the fights he looked like he was fuller but i dont know how much weight he could have gained in a day. we were the 3rd fight of 8 i didnt get to see the first two at all. Well as i walked into the ring i felt like i had to take a **** it was nerve racking way more so than when i box. he came in and started warming up we were told of the rules seperatly rather than together (like boxing) the horn sounded and i rushed at him throwing a big left he dodged deflected most of it and returned with a few punches that didnt effect me. He looked to throw an uppercut/hook and i slipped it nicely(thought in my head was a big because i thought i would get a few shots off) I was wrong he kneed me in the face knocking me on my ass and i dont remember exactly what happened next but i know he started kicking me in the chest and face. I think i was near getting knocked out because everything was foggy he got down on top of me and i started acting like a mad man to get away. i guess it wasnt very long and i got part way up then he got all the way up and kicked stomped me in the chest but he was holding on the ropes(want sure at that point) but he got in trouble and i stood up thinking the fight was over and had lost i took out my mouthpiece and the ref asked if i was done. Confused i said i was good and we restarted. He immediatly shot me but came up a bit short i started throwing lefts continuasly and hit him with several big shots as he was basically on his knees at this point. He fell back on the ground but wasnt out i tried to kick him but he kicked the **** out of my ankle i knew i didnt want to wrestle but as pussy as it sounds that ****ing kick hurt like ****. I tried to stomp at his stomach hitting him in the leg a bit if i remember right and jumped on his right side slamming my knee into his arm i hit him once or twice with my right but he was defending with his left so i started hitting with my left hand. I couldnt get real good power like this but the ref stopped it after a few moments at 1:37 in the first round. The guy laid there for a bit and his corner got pissy yelling at the ref. I tried to help the guy up and he pushed me away. I got announced the winner and went back stage where i got a few shirts a visor hat and sweatshirt. I kept the two shirts and let my boys take the others. It was pretty cool backstage after the doctors got done with me other fighters friends or trainers were talking to me i met a kick boxing champion and got sked for 3 autographs by a group of kids with their mom. After the fight a member of the lion den out of arizone (guy i fought camp) Came over and apologized and said the ref had mad e a bad call but it wasnt anything to do with me. I am beat up pretty good i got a pic already of me after the fight i will attach it to this thread or in my journal when i get it to disc. My brother shot a vid of this on his digi also so i will get it from him at some point shortly and put it on here. Anyway we partied down in the west end saturday at dicks then tiki bobs and have a nice day. It was cool