It seems that everyone I ask has a different theory/idea for working abs. I understand that the best way to get a washboard stomach is a lot of cardio and fat loss. But, I am in the process of trying to bulk up, so fat loss is at a minimum right now.

So, to my question. Should I work my abs everyday, or should I work my abs once or twice a week, and how much? I have tried in the past when training for fat loss to work my abs every day, but it seems like I plateau to easily, and get no where.

I understand that everyone's body will react differently in some way to different routines and I should find what works best for me. But, I want to get all the suggestions and ideas I can, so I can find that routine that will work for me, and when I am ready to lose fat, I will have a nice set of ab muscles waiting underneath.

Thanks in advance