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Thread: incline press shoulder problem

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    incline press shoulder problem

    i'v started to do incline presses, at school and i'v started to have some bad pain in my right shoulder , but only while i'm doing the exercise , my shoulder doesn't give any problems , and i get no pains doing any other exercise other that incline press , what could be the cause of this?????

    by the way here are my stats:

    age : 17
    weight: 125lb hight 5'7
    bench press, 190lb
    deadlift : 240lb
    squat: 200lb
    can't touch this!!!

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    this isn't any helpful information but...

    wow i'd like to compliment you on your lifts. judging from your height and weight you can bench A LOT! maybe it's just comppared to me but that's cool! keep lifting!

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    I had the same problem when I was doing Incline Barbell press. Then, someone suggested I switch over to doing dumbell Incline instead. It made a huge difference for me. No more shoulder problems after that.

    Good luck!

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    Man, have you tried using an angle of app. 30 degrees? I believe it's optimal; your front delts don't contribute that much yet the ROM is fantastic.
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