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Thread: is it possable to rest to long? (days)

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    is it possable to rest to long? (days)

    my question is can u OVER rest? like get weaker or ... better way of puttin it is be stronger sooner then lose it because i over rested? like waitin 7 days till u hit chest again ? i normally give myself a week but i had to hit chest again sooner (5 days) cause i went wit my friend and i did more when just 5 days ago 50lbs less seemed so heavy. and the week before i was still at the same weight (225) but today 275 seemed much easier . i mean i could understand if i did 225 the first week, then 245 the next week and today tried 275 and got it but i jumped 50lbs when i KNOW 5 days ago i couldnt have done 275...

    can anyone explain to me if theres a such thing as over rest within days?


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    I'm in the same predicament you are (sp?)

    I've been actually overtraining my chest and seeing improvements (like 4 times a week). But everyone else says to do one muscle group a week. I'm going to give it a shot

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    Not within that short of period a time there isn't (7 days). Many things could have changed though, so who knows. Do you normally work out with a partner? Sometimes who your with can drastically change how much you can lift (mental). With a spotter I don't know, I couldn't push near my max. Was afraid that if I went too close to failure that they'd not know what to really do.. so I short-shifted myself a lot. Was suprised at how much more strength I had when I got someone I knew and trusted working out with me.

    Also, time of day, amount of sleep, diet.. endless things. In 5 days you should be healed well enough (though your jump says it's more then just enough rest), but in 7 days you aren't going to start losing strength.

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    Well, don't these weird powerlifter dudes train 3-4 times a week, same bodyparts? But they lift heavy weights. It's not ideal for building muscle, though.
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