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Thread: PLEASE HELP: Bodybuilding Regimen

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    PLEASE HELP: Bodybuilding Regimen

    I'm 21, 6'2" 245lbs and have been lifting weights since I was 17. I definitely don't think I've gotten the most out of lifting, because college football briefly led me astray and honestly, I never really learned how to lift properly. I'm in fairly decent shape - about the build of an average NFL linebacker - which is really not impressive compared to the average bodybuilder (which is where I want to be). I'd like to maintain my weight, reduce my body-fat, and gain a lot more muscle mass. I think I've plateaued, because other than my arms, I haven't really noticed any appreciable progress. Anyways, I was hoping that someone can give me some detailed suggestions, and if I'm lucky, a workout regimen that I can follow so that I can achieve results. I understand that nutrition is very important and I have been trying to cut my carbs and increase my protein intake (via supplements and etc). However, should I consider andro or creatine? Can someone possilby give me a chest, bicep, tricep, lat, delt, back bodybuilding regimen?

    much thanks,

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    Out of curiousity how did you eat and train when you considered you were not getting the most of it...

    Perhaps thats the best way to learn.. Find out what you are doing wrong?

    Have a look at and search these foprums for beginner routines.. Look through the journal sections many have their routines AND progression listed so you can gret a feel for what seems to be working.

    Hmmm screw andro supps... Sure try some creatine..

    Eat clean and enough.... Whats your MOST important goal.. Reduce bodyfat or grow ? You need to decide..

    If you are not eating cleanly chances are you can grow and lose bf from switching to a clean diet..

    Again what are you doing now ?

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    My Current Diet etc

    Yeah, I was afraid that my diet was the bottleneck. Right now, Im taking GNC protein supplements (about 42g/day) in addition to my diet, which i am ashamed to say, is not too commendable. I don't eat regularly- perhaps two meals a day with a meal oftentimes in the late evenings (11pm-2am). Though I started to drink a lot of water (about 70oz./day), I'm still prone to sodas and fruit juices (maybe 24oz/day average). Since I just graduated college and am cooking for myself, I have kinda neglected the whole vegetable thing and have been eating a lotta fried foods - chicken, shrimp, and frozen stuffs. I consume fast food every now and then, though i dont go to extremes. Come to think of it, a lot of my foods are fatty. I've tried to rationalize it by saying that since i'm such a big guy and that for example, this HotPocket has only 20% and 33% of the RDA of carbs and fat respectively of an average person, then it really has no effect on me. But i suppose I am in error with this presumption. In summary, I eat about two moderately unhealthy meals a day and take protein supplements.
    Geez, now that you've made me think about, this could definitely be my problem, not my workout routine.

    In terms of my goal, is it possible to reduce body fat and grow at the same time? I definitely don't want to balloon in an attempt to gain mass. I did that last year...ballooned up to 300lbs and then rigorously worked out to get where I am now. If I had to choose, growing would be my #1 priority (as long as it is muscle, not sloppy mass). At the same time, I would like to trim a little off my waist. I had been doing 20-25 minute cardio routines 4-5 times/week to tone, but I have recently begun to think that doing so might stagnate my muscle growth. Is this true? So, in the past week, I've kinda layed off cardio a little.

    How do I eat cleanly? I was told that eating 5 meals was more appropriate...but what kind of meals should I be eating? Should I be completely avoiding carbs and just consume truck-loads of meat and eggs? Also, how effective is creatine? I tried it when I was playing football, and I cramped every night; I suppose I wasnt drinking enough water. But it is true that creatine only makes you appear larger while you are on it, and as soon as you get off, you lose your size? I am also concerned about side-effects which people dont seem to be too certain of.

    thanks again for you help. sorry if i ask too many questions.

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    well your diet WILL be the cause of your problems.. It seems you are eating only 2 at a maximumn of 3 meals a day and bad at that !

    Eating too little can work against you in both building muscle AND losing FAT... Eating TOO little is a lose-lost situation

    I would take a few days and spend it planning your new diet...

    Start with 4-5 meals a day.. It really isnlt that hard.. 3 normal healthy meals with healthy snacks in between.. Thats 5... As you build this up you will find your body getting used to eating lie this and it will be 2nd nature.. Trust me on this...

    As for food sources.. Cut out fast foods, Fried foods, basically the crap..

    Try and stick to these food sources..

    Carbs : Oats, Wheat and Rice
    Protein : Tuna, Chicken, Turkey, beef, egg whites
    Fat : Egg yolks, Flax oil and peanuts..

    Also try and get some carbs, protein and fat in each meal.. A good varied diet.

    For eg brekfast could be oats and a few boiled eggs, then eat a snack at 11, say a piece of fruit, then eat a good lucnh.. For eg Chicken, rice and salad, then another snack in bteween the next meal... Ermm A proetin bar ? Maybe a small sandwiche... Then eat a meat, poataoes and veggei dinner.. Perhaps a protein shake later on..

    Save your money and cut the gnc supps.. take some vitamins, perhaps some vit c too.. Also maybe a protein shake or a meal replacements.. But they are not neccesary.. Concentrate on diet..

    Get used to eating like this then once you have done this for a few weeks then perhaps you should look into the manipulating your total calories to lost fat and grow.. I donlt see why it could not be done if you are over weight at the mo...

    Hope that helps some..

    Oh how are you training?
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    training regimen

    Thanks a lot for the diet input. I'm going to do as you suggested and modify my diet. I really, really appreciate the help.

    As for training, I've been doing about 5 days/week. I've been bad and have basically cut legs out since I'm not playing sports anymore. I know that's not the best things to do and that the body needs to be trained in its entirety to see the best results.
    I have about 4 unique routines (each set = 10 reps). Im including the sample weight for some so that you have an indication at the strength level im working at.

    Bench (1 warmup set), 225lbs.
    DB Bench (4 sets), 90, 95, 100, 95lbs
    DB Incline (3-4 sets), 75, 80, 85, 75lbs
    Seated HammerStrength Bench (4 sets)
    cable cross (5 sets)

    Bar Curls (4 sets), 95, 105, 115, 125lbs
    DB Curls (4-5 sets), 40, 42.5, 45, 37.5, 35
    Seated HS Curl Machine (3 sets)
    Iso Cable Curls (3 sets)
    Seated DB Curls (3 sets)
    Cable Curls (3 sets)

    Shoulder Shrugs (4 sets), 105lbs @
    Seated Row (4 sets)
    Pulldowns (3 sets)
    HS Row (3 sets)
    An exercise kinda like HS fly machines, but instead of working chest, Im working back by squeezing my arms behind me - 3 sets

    DB Tricep extension (3 sets)
    Tricep pulldown (5 sets), 120, 130, 140, 150, 150lbs
    Iso tricep pulldown (3 sets)
    Over-the-head tricep squeezes (3 sets)

    Shoulder Press (3 sets) - i have a bum left shoulder from baseball
    Standing rows (4 sets) (pulling bar up to chin)
    DB side and forward raises (3 sets @)

    ABS (i do these everyday)
    Seated ABS (seated in a chair and pushing weight down with your chest) - (4 sets of 20)
    200 situps - forwards and sides

    Cardio (4 times/week)
    20-25 minutes of treadmill or elliptical "running" machine

    thanks again for your help...i truly appreciate it.

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    man I hate to say it but you are gonna get nowhere fast with that routine..

    Way, Way, Way to much... There are problems with the split too... I would go through them all but I donlt have much time now..

    My advice would be..

    1) take a week off training. If you are doing that routine and are natural you are 100% overtrained.. No question about it...

    2)I would go with a 3-4 day split...

    Check my journal for my current 3 day split (journal forum) and check others journals too fo some good routines.. Also All would be good for ya..

    Remember you grow outta the gym not in it...
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    Hulk's advice is right on...eating right is more than half the battle and lowering your volume might surprise you. If it's too much to revamp your cooking/eating habits all at once, try for one new change per week and pretty soon you'll have a whole new eating program.

    I'm still kinda halfway between lifting for sports and bodybuilding, so I hear where you're coming from, amorg. The people here are a great can find things to incorporate into your own plan, get some good motivation, and a few laughs too.

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    Nice post Hulk.
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    Nice post Maki.
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    Good point yates.

    6'2" 245 lbs eating and training like that? Thanks god, that's funny.
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    20 sets for biceps

    and you don't train legs tuttut

    dude seriously listen to these guys!
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