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    School Records

    Due to a small budget, and a high school of a mere 200 kids. I look to break school records instead of going to meets.

    Records I have broken at school

    One Arm Pushups 25
    Bench Press 140lb weight class 225
    Bench Press 160lb weight class 240
    Crunches (no time limit as many as you can do) 1250 something i forget the exact #
    Pullups 21 (i broke this again i just haven't put it up yet)
    Pullups weighted BW+90 5
    Dips 44
    Dips weighted Bw+90 23

    Most of the are recent, all this year except the unweighted pullups. I'm proud of these for some reason
    My Stats:
    5'6" 148
    BF: maybe 8%

    Personal bests:

    Flat BB Bench: 305x1 Shirt/Chalk
    Squat: 395x1 Suit/Belt/Chalk
    Deadlift: 405x1 Belt/Chalk
    Dips: Bw+3platesx3
    OH Press: 75's
    Decline Bench: 315x3
    DB Bench:95'sx6
    Pushups: 70 in 55 seconds
    Situps: 53 in 49 seconds

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    Nice job, bro, but you've already heard it from me.

    What is this reps thing you speak of? Like someone said, the last time I did more than like ten reps of anything I was eating.


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