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Thread: Lower back warm-up prior to every work-outs

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    Lower back warm-up prior to every work-outs

    What do you think about warm-uping the posterior chain before every work-outs?

    Lately the first thing I do when I'm ready to train is a set of 20 reps (very far from faillure) of bodyweighted back extension followed by 2 sets of stretching because I lack flexibility in this area.

    Is it a good idea? Could be a suggestion to others too if it's a good idea.

    Staying injury free is one of my important goals.

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    Lately I broke up back day and deadlifting day and my lower backs been bothering me. I wonder if its because I used warm my back doing deadlifts before my rows, now I am not.

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    I do this, but at the end of my workouts. Seems to help. I have a lingering injury to my back, and this combined with hanging from a chinning bar at the end of my workouts really help to keep it in check.

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