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    I'm doing dips for chest, but what is the best way to emphasize the chest more than the tris? according to the links, for chest is more straight up and elbows out. and for tris it's leaning forward. I've always read and heard that leaning forward is more for chest and a more erect position is for tris. Which is the right way? and what about the grip? knuckles facing outward or forward?(like a BP grip) does that make sense?

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    They've got things mixed up. Lean forward to work your chest more and keep your upper body upright to work your tri's more.

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    When dipping for your chest there are several factors that need to be checked upon.

    The first is lean forward.

    Also, one of the pecs jobs is too pull the arm across the body, eg flyes. Bearing this in mind, try to use bars that have a medium wide grip and also flare your elbows out to the side. This will cause your upper arm to move in towards your body slightly as you straighten it. When doing dips for triceps you would keep your elbows tucked in, so the upper arm doesn't really move.

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    Yes- lean forward- i use the the machine for leg raises since the bars are in a natural V Shape....basically until you feel the pecs stretch in the inner and outer- i dont get this stretch with anything else- its unique- then push up with the pecs as well....great burner for me.......ive used a weight belt that can strap on to a stack of weights but I hurt my back- has this happened to anyone else?


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