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Thread: westside help

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    westside help

    New to westside, and just finishing up the third week of it so it's about time I changed up my ME exercises. Now, my problem is I don't know which is the best bench exercise to switch to. Was currently doing incline close grip, and my sticking point shows rather nicely on these.. about 4 or 5 inches off the chest. I get a rather good push on the way up, but the moment I hit there it seems to just stop. I can hold it there no problem, but getting it past there is killing me.

    So, was considering board press, just because that'd put the lowest point right at my stopping point.. would that be a good plan, or should I try something else (like what?) that I have to push through my stopping point instead of starting at it?

    Also, any advice on getting better speed on DE box squat, or should I just keep on at it? Despite the weight being easy to handle (compared to ME by all means), I just can't seem to get myself moving full force.

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    Try Floor Presses for your next ME day

    How many seconds are you taking to do the two reps for however many sets on the DE Squat?
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