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    Getting down to business...

    I'm 4 weeks into my cut
    i'm following the workouts in muscle and fitness: rock hard challenge. Yes i know its cheesy but I am bored and wanted something fresh.

    My current diet is

    6am breakfeast
    1/2c-3/4c oatmeal
    30-40g whey
    1tbsp flax
    15g glutamine
    1.5 g vitamin c


    4-8oz chicken breast salad w/ mrs dash
    1/4c peanuts

    4-8oz chicken breast
    1/2c oatmeal

    postworkout meal
    or (on off days
    40g whey
    1 banana
    1tbsp flax
    or (when working)
    Met Rx Protein plus (340 cals 30/30/9 PCF - not bad for $1.50)
    or (when at work)
    wheat bagel
    6oz chicken/turkey breast

    4-8oz chicken breast

    procomplex pm
    1tbsp flax
    15g glutamine

    Postworkout meal/drink (weights)
    40g whey
    20g maltodextrose
    25g dextrose
    15g glutamine

    pw drink on cardio days
    40g maltodextrose
    40g whey
    15g glutamine

    always taken after any trainning
    animal pak
    300mg ala
    1g vitamin c

    I'll post my days in the gym when I get back to the gym It should be Wednesday, I'm currently battling the flu (6-8g vitamin c GO!) and I did morning cardio instead of lifting today, I might do the same tomarrow. Anyways, i miss the gym!
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    17 yrs old 5'9" 155lbs
    bench: 180x6
    deadlift: 345x6
    squat: 275x6
    1.5 years lifting, many more to come...
    trainning for my own health preservation and maintainning personal fitness


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