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Thread: Some questions that you all must answer immediately.

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    Eating more pork.
    I wish I could get a script for cheese weez.
    I want to get a t-shirt that read speak english, can't remember the rest. Used to piss me off at college, mainly the asians, pushy little ####. If your gonna sit on the left and right of me don't talk over my shoulder in giberish. I used to be tolerant of other cultures, until I actually came in contact with them.

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    try your nose spray on a tasty triscuit cracker.

    you'll be pleasantly surprised and giggle with delight
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    Originally posted by MrWebb78
    Tryska, to pee in

    Budiak, as a fellow resident of northern california, i have a bit to add.

    as for "mob", i would have to say yes, mainly because there is a HUGE russian population in the sacramento area, most of which are resident to the north highlands area, and form huge russian communities and only socialize with other russians.

    the few times ive gone to my gym at night(after 8pm), it has been filled with russians, all of whom like to stare and laugh (which baffles me cuz im always doing more weight than them), and foreign language or not, its obviou when they are talking about you.

    they are extremely rude, and less than a month ago my training partner and i were holding ourselves back from smackin a couple of russian guys just because of how rude they are/can be.

    Bottom line, like most pussy organizations, they travel in packs, and come in numbers, so they think they are intimidating, and they act superior to everyone non-russian.

    i say it again, Hate is not a bad thing.
    Be careful, they might be interior decorators from Chechnya..

    People wonder why I call myself Mr. T. One dude asked, 'does the T stand for tough?' I said no. Another dude asked if the T stands for my last name, Tureaud. No it does not. The 'T' in Mr. T stands for tuna. T loves tuna.

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    Yeah the Russian dudes are all rather puny and swarthy looking fellows who are all extremely rude and never rack weights.
    There is this one dude who I swear must have 12 inch arms and no chest to speak of, but has enormous traps and delts. I have never seen him do a leg exercise of any kind. Ever. They are constantly talking and its not that I dont understand what they are saying, but when you're trying to lift and there are 5 guys laughing and giggling in a corner, doing curls in the power rack with a dime on each side thinking they'll get bigger if they use a bigger bar but have not gained a pound of muscle in the year you've seen them working out there...and they are CONSTANTLY running at the mouth. Even while lifting.

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