First off, and most importantly...

Should I be worried that the same company who manufactured the bottle of nasal spray I purchased last week also markets a conveniently similar CANNED CHEESE SPREAD??

2econd, why is it that 85% of the people who work out at night in my gym are Russian? Russian speaking, Russian..uh..acting, Russian looking Russians. With furry caps and all. They like to giggle and act childish and speak Russian whenever I go into the locker room(and I KNOW those assholes are talking about me!) while snickering and looking at me. The cleaning crew of every 24hr I've ever been to has been comprised of all Russians and about 2 Mexicans who do nothing but clean the mirrors and look at me funny. It is rumored that the Russian mob has quite an influence in Northern California. Have any of the other Northern CA WBB members heard of that? They also completely populate the workforce of all Wendy's restaraunts in the area.
Speaking of Russians, who the hell told the online porn industry that looking at pale, flat-chested, stringy haired pimply assed gaunt Russian girls was a turn on? 'Young slavic ladies! Click Here!' They're not all like that, trust me. I watched 'La Femme Nikita' a few times. I dont know where the porn dudes got the idea that Russian=sexeh!
Not me, my friend. Not me.

Th1rd, I must know, now, why my school would schedule our spring break at a time completely opposite the spring breaks of all other major institutions of higher learning. We have spring break at the same time as most high schools. Yay. My other college friends have alreayd had their spring break. MTV has already stopped running their idiotic spring break shows and those delightful fellows would already be editing the latest 'Girls Gone Wild' if not for their being sued and jailed...

Fouth: I hate you all. Eat me.


I cant take this crap anymore.