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Thread: MonStar's Return to Westside

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    MonStar's Return to Westside

    MonStar's Return to Westside

    NOTE: I talked to a few MODs about this, and I am going to have a new Westside journal. Not the OLD one, or my bodybuilding split journal. So please, no one SPAM or MESS with this thread at all. Thank you.

    After putting MUCH thought into this. And talking to a lot of different people---I have decided to return to Westside.

    I am going to correct every single mistake that I made on it before, and make sure that this time around, its a LOT more fun. I think I am really really going to enjoy it this time around. I talked to Saturday Fever a good bit about how I am going to make it more fun, and even get better results on it than I did before.

    The biggest thing that made me want to go back to Westside was simply how many people told me again and again. "You have gotten so much bigger the past few months, etc. etc." And I had done nothing but Westside the past few months. So this really made me stop and think, wow, Westside worked extremely well for me. My split this time around is going to be as follows:

    T---ME Squat/Deadlift
    T---ME Bench
    S---DE Squat/Deadlift
    S---DE Bench

    Pretty straight forward, again.

    Again guys, please no useless negative posts. I appreciate it.
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