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Thread: Questions regarding Fish Oil and Dieting:

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    Questions regarding Fish Oil and Dieting:

    I've been cutting -- a minor, brief cut -- for about a week now; my goal is to lose between 2-3% BF (currenly around 10% BF).

    I'm running a small caloric deficit -- about 200-300 calories, I'd say -- with a roughly isocaloric macronutrient split. Except for fish oil, the entirety of my fat content comes from olive oil.

    My questions, therefore, are these:

    1) I've recently purchased fish oil capsules, the contents of which are as follows: Per one capsule, 180mg EPA; 120 mg DHA; 446 mg linolenic acid; 254 mg stearic, lauric, and palmitic acids. Ought I purchase a different brand; and must fish oil capsules be refrigerated before opening (mine were not)?

    2) Given that my diet is not extremely carbohydrate deficient, and that my caloric deficit isn't large, ought I still consider refeeding? And if so, when? Are the pertinent low-leptin symptoms hunger and a general lethargy? I know that fat should be kept as low as possible during a refeed -- barring EFAs, of course -- but I am a bit unsure as to what type of carbohydrates to eat and when. Anyone know of a good resource (perhaps by McDonald, etc...) for this? Thanks.

    If these questions seem redudant in the context of this forum, I apologize; I haven't been on much recently.

    EDIT: Just wanted to note that, yes, my training does reflect my current goals -- HIIT, etc... Were I to refeed, ought I do it on Friday/Saturday (Friday I do a LOT of HIIT; Saturday I train back/bi)?
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