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Thread: Remedies For Bleeding Gums ?

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    Remedies For Bleeding Gums ?

    Hello hows it going.
    I just have a query for you guys here.
    I currently have gingivitis (bleeding gums) now i have tried everything at the moment, with changing toothbrushes, flossing, plaque remover etc nothing seems to work.
    It currently effects the taste of water making it a real yuck taste in your mouth.
    Now i was wondering if anyone knows of any other remedies to once and for all get rid of this problem.

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    Gingivitis usually results from months of neglect to your oral hygeine. What takes months to develop will also take some time to repair.

    Continue with what you're doing: floss, a good listerine mouth rinse, and definitely brush about 3x/day.
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    to add on to that be careful which mouthwash you use. regular listerine will actually irritate your gums more. There's a milder listerine now which still has a great antiseptic effect. The good thing as that your gums have one of the quickest regeneretive cycles in your body. Your gums should stop bleeding in a couple of weeks assuming you're constant with your oral hygeine.

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