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Thread: not sure if you guys knew him...

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    not sure if you guys knew him...

    i barely ever come here, once every few months.... but recently someone that used to be on the FB bored, the MM bored, and a few others, has passed away due to a heart attack (not AS related they don;t think) ... his name was Color Me Big, and Fina Addict.... i know a few people came from FB over here, so... just letting anyone know that may have known him and not heard from him lately...

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    I didn't know him, but may he rest in peace.
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    Well best wishes to both of there famlies, I didn no them. But I hope Fina Addict didnt die from the use of AAS.
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    it was the same person, just two diffrent names he used... the doctors knew he used it, but said it wasn;t because AAS they dont think


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