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Thread: How Does Yoga Affect Overtraing/recovery???

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    How Does Yoga Affect Overtraing/recovery???

    Hey guys I currently use an HIT workout on Mondays and Thursdays. I also do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I want to add some Yoga into my training because it is supposed to be a great workout for Jiu Jitsu. Obviously I try to make sure I am not overtraining so I am wondering how adding Yoga into my schedule will affect my recovery?

    Its not like you are pumping iron or anything but it is still exercise. Do you guys think this will affect my recovery at all? What should I do?

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    yoga is a great workout, i donít think it would cause you to overtrain, the stretching part will probley be beneficial to you. Maybe you could do the yoga after your Jiu Jitsu and use it as a cool down or something. Just some ideas
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    You'd probably be better off just doing more BJJ, I mean 10 minutes or so will be beneficial.
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    It could actually speed up recovery.

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    I was doing some yoga before I started training for a show. I felt it helped with recovery for sure. You release tension built up. Being stressed physically or mentally hinders recover and it has been document. You become less prone to injuries because of the flexibility you build from stretching ligaments and muscles. Also your muscle belly will start looking longer and fuller because of the stretching. So if you have the time I think it's worth it. I just haven't lately because of work, cooking, eating, 2 cardio session and training.

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    There is a new article on yoga on


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