who see weight loss and cutting as the same thing?

weight loss (for bbers) = you want to decrease your levels of fat. you can be bloated to high hell and still loose fat.

cutting = you cut when you have lost a lot of fat. this is mainly to get rid of EXCESS WATER and a bit more fat in the final days of your weight loss goal, mainly done pre-competition. this invloves getting dehydrated.

thats how I see it. But i read to many people saying this food or that food is bad for cutting, yet the person asking the question is trying to loose fat, not water at the present stage of their routine. you do not want to be dehydrated for like 8 weeks.
so food X is not bad for them as its loaded with sodium as it does not stop them loosing fat. now if they were entering a show in couple of days it may not be advised as they want to loose that water.

your thoughts on this?