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Thread: Which routine is better?

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    Which routine is better?

    Im just wondering what would be a better split for me....

    Monday- Chest, Triceps
    Tuesday-20min treadmill
    Wednesday-Shoulders. calves
    Thursday-20min treadmill
    Friday- back,biceps

    instead of the treadmill one of the days i will do legs...


    monday- chest
    tuesday- triceps
    wednesday- shoulders
    trhusday- back

    and ill split up legs during the week...

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    The only advice I have is maybe you should give legs a day of their own...

    Maybe do Shoulders/Bis/Tris on the same day, and make one of the other days a Leg day?
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    well if you look at the first one i wrote under it i will workout legs on one of the treadmilldays instead of the treadmill

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    I would not train triceps on Tuesday after training your chest on Monday. Your triceps will be hit while doing your chest. If you specifically want to target your triceps, train them on Monday after doing chest.

    I Suggest on Tuesday you train legs. The rest looks fine.
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    Make training your legs a priority, not an afterthought.

    Monday - legs
    Weds - chest, shoulders, triceps
    Friday - Back, biceps
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