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Thread: Help for a Freind of Mine

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    Help for a Freind of Mine

    My freind recently joined a gym, and he went to a personal trainer today so he could get a good workout routine. He said the trainer told him he is 150lbs (he's 5'8") and 20%bf! He doesn't look fat at all (maybe a little chubby), so that came as a suprise. The trainer also told him that his heart rate is 150(BPM's I think?) and that it was too high. He asked me what to do, and I referred him to this site, but he has something against message boards (don't ask) and he asked me to post this for him

    I told him that he should try to gain some muscle because having more muscle will make burning fat easier. I'm far from an expert on this, so if any of you could help him out by posting a good split for a beginner (please, no exercises that are too advanced, since today was only his 2nd day working out) including cardio since he wants to get his heart rate down.

    He's also eats very sloppily. I don't think that he will ever follow a strict diet, but I think he can change some of his eating habits. I know that weight gainers (NLarge2) have worked very well for me, but I'm only 12% bodyfat after about 3 months of bulking, so I don't really have to worry. I think that a striaght protein shake would be more beneficial for him, is this right?

    I'm trying to get him a good routine because I will probably be working out with him in the summer and I want him to stay motivated so I don't lose a training partner. I've been having great results with my routine, but I'm stricly looking to put on more weight (I don't care about getting fatter) but I'm not sure that's a good idea for my freind. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Depending on how you carry your ft, 20% might not look particularly chubby. BF tests are also notoriously inaccurate.

    I'd focus more on motivation. A beginner will typically see pretty quick results just from a little attention to diet and hitting the weights. I'd suggest a very basic routine - many have been mentioned here previously - with an initial focus on form. Then just help him clean up his diet a bit, the typical 1g of protein per pound, and about 15 cals per pound.

    Personally, I'd have him do something like McCallum's first routine in KTP, which is a full body routine done 3x a week with a focus on high rep (15) squats. Some of what will motivate him will be individual, though, so you should definately get input from him on what he thinks he would like.
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    To add to Paul...

    Make sure your friend learns good lifting form right off the bat! And stick to the basic lifts...squats, deads, benches...basically the big compound movements! Those are a great way to start off. Also, don't destroy your friend his first time out....I've seen alot of personal trainers start newbies on programs they have no business doing! It can be counter productive to your friends gains. Lastly...your friends first few times to the gym will be a learning process....he may find that he has an affinity to certain exercises....for example, a buddy of mine right out of the gate was very strong with hammer we made that his 'staple' back exercise and added stuff around that. Like Paul said, alot of it will be individual so make sure he tells you what is working for him and what's not!


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