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Thread: Feeling Crappy

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    Feeling Crappy

    well right now i still feel like crap. when i woke up this morning i thought it was all out of my system but i guess i was wrong.

    right now the problem is, i feel realy gaseous, and my stomach sort of rumbles, and its almost like i can feel my food being digested/travel through my intestine (i think). its all sort of taking place in my lower-stomach area. complimented by a serious bloating-feeling. also, at times, if ive been standing for a long time, i start to get some really sharp pains along the right side of my stomach that go away once i lay down for a bit.

    ive also lost my apetite a bit, which really sucks since im trying to bulk.

    has anyone had this problem before? or might know what it is/whats causing it? does anyone have any suggestions of what i can do to try to get over this? becuase in all honesty i feel like total crap right now. someone, shoot me, please.
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    i kindda had that problem, my stomach would hurt and rumble like you said, it hurt from the waist down in the front. my doc gave me a antibotic and it went away. i guess i had a intestine infection. if it hurts that bad go to the ER.

    thats just my advise. but if you asked my grandma she would say drink a can of coke or a pepermint. mabey try that first, grandma always knows best.
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