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    Geoff's progress pages

    In case anyone is looking for it, I moved all the information I had on here to a new journal and will be using this one just for my progress.

    Here is the other journal of information:

    I'm not gonna post here every day.

    When I change workouts (every 5-12 weeks) I'll put up my workout spreadsheet w/ the weights I've done and I'll include the highlights from the workout and diet.
    Just completed a 6 week WBB routine #1

    I am fortunate to have a lifting partne (Dave Chavez) and workout at Gibson's Gym in Washington, New Jersey

    I currently don't monitor my diet
    I take no supplements besides a post workout protein shake.
    Attached pics are from May of 02. Weight approx 170lbs no idea on bf I think I was calipered at about 8%ish
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