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Thread: Hypocaloric Growth

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    Hypocaloric Growth

    I am just wondering if you guys have any information, empirical or otherwise, as to the possibility of muscle growth, under a hypocaloric diet. Is it impossible, possible, or very difficult?
    Any ideas are welcome.
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    It depends on the amount of calorie deficit, training history, and genetics among other things. It is relatively common for untrained persons to make muscle gains while in caloric deficit of 500 calories or less below maintenance. As the caloric deficit increases, it becomes more difficult to gain muscle. Some example studies with untrained person are linked at . It is much more difficult for persons who have been training for a long time and do not gain muscle easily. Even so, several experienced lifters on this forum have reported gaining small amounts of muscle while cutting (in a caloric deficit) in their journals. Note that regardless of your training history, you are are likely to gain muscle at a faster rate when eating above caloric maintenance than when eating below.
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