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Thread: Need advice . Lost muscle

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    Need advice . Lost muscle

    Well I think I finally figured out why I have stopped growing (i've actually shrunk a lot muscle wise) and gained fat. Over winter I had some personal problems (stupid ho trying to tell me I got her pregnant . i found out she was lying later but anyway). It really stressed me out. I think what I did was go in zombie mode and started training half ass while eating the same amount. Therefore my muscles stopped growing and I started gaining a little fat.

    Now, I have more fat and less muscle. I started cutting 2 weeks ago to try to solve this problem.

    what should I do now? Start training intense again and stop cutting and cardio everyday? My fear is that I will get more fat? I'm kind of depressed about this since I worked my ass off this past year. Now people who havent seen me in a while say "your really not bulked up like you used to be."

    this year has sucked. Mainly because lilpenis misses his gf from 2 years ago (not the ho) and gets depressed thinking about her. Ok, sorry to get off topic.

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    decide what you want

    if you want to grow your muscles and strength, then go intense

    if the BF you've gained is bothering you, get a grip on your diet and go on a serious cut

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    Re: Need advice . Lost muscle

    Originally posted by lilpenis
    Mainly because lilpenis misses his gf from 2 years ago.
    Maybe that's why your GF left
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