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Thread: Development of upper pecs...

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    Development of upper pecs...

    I have good sized pecs at this point, but they are to big on the bottom and almost non existant on the top.

    I did pushups 80-150 a night from the ages of about 13- 18 and they really developed my lower pecs.

    By 20 I decided to stop doing bench press altogether to try to avoid building my lower pec anymore and now I've been concnetrating on incline press.

    Problem is I haven't had much growth there...

    What exercises do you recommend?

    I've been doing incline bench and am ok strength wise at it, but haven't gotten much in the way of growth/development from it......any other suggestions?

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    Eating more pork.

    Most people here beleive that incline becnhes won't work the upper part of the chest, anymore then the rest. The chest is going to grow as genetics plans. Its not gonna hurt to do inclines though.

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    try db incline instead.

    Like Berserker said, genetics will decide whether or not you will have a big "upper" chest.
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    I ain't giving up doing inclines...
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    DB incline Press helped my uppers alot. Better range of motion.

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    That was funny

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    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.


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