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Thread: how much aerobic/cardio?

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    how much aerobic/cardio?

    hey yo. im a newbie to this forum and pretty much a newbie with lifting in general. ive been lifting for about 4 months and getting really good results - i'm trying to keep good eating habits and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. i'm 19 yrs old, 5'9 and 159 lbs. but here's my question. ive read many posts on here and no one has really answered my question. im getting a good built/toned upper body, however i still have more gut than i'd like. ive been doing 60 crunches about everyother workout along with running for like 10 -15 min at a pretty decent pace. then i go lift. my question is...when do i need to do cardio/aerobics in my workout? should i do it before i lift or after i lift? seems to me that if i lift first, then ill be burning fat when i run or bike afterward, but if i run first i'll burn all the carbs i have- then i wont have any energy to lift. thanks peeps.
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    Re: how much aerobic/cardio?

    Originally posted by reloaded
    ive been doing 60 crunches

    *** I'm not sure if this is what your eluding to but you can do all the crunches you want and you won't lose the gut until you change your diet

    seems to me that if i lift first, then ill be burning fat when i run or bike afterward
    this is true

    the concern is the catabolism that sets in about 40 mins into the workout

    depending how long your weights take cardio after can be very catabolic

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    hmm... how about u do this;

    1) do abs ONCE a week with weights! cable crunches, weighted leg raises, weighted crunches... and if u really really want to, add one more day of abs with no weight...

    2) do cardio the days u DON'T lift...

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    Do you think that it is not good to do cardio on the days you do weights. I do about 20min of cardio on my weight days, is that bad.. Or should I do cardio by herselfs.
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