This wasn't a sanctioned meet; it was just a university one they had at the corec. I really only cared about deadlifts, but I did all three just to get experience. Most people weren't very happy with how they made us do every weight that someone else wanted to do on bench and squats. For example, if one guy in our weight class wanted to do 245 on squats, then we all had to do 245 with the exception of us getting one "pass". Then, in further rounds, we had to continue doing that since there would always be one person wanting to do the next highest weight. Therefore, by the time I got to the weight I couldn't get, it was the 7th round. That really sucked that I had to do 7 freaking sets of squats. The same thing was done on bench, which really hurt my lifts there, but I wasn't really that bothered by it.

Luckily, in deadlifts they finally let us pass as much as we wanted to so we wouldn't have to take 10 sets to get to our max. I just went for 405 to get as a placeholder at first, but everyone else in my weight class got out by 410. So, I pretty much had to keep doing my future attempts with very little rest time. I played it conservative and got 440 and 450 with about a 1 minute rest between. Then, I tried for a PR of 465. I can't believe how close I got to it on my 4th set with very little rest (not to mention the 7 sets of squats earlier). If my right wrist didn't catch on my knee, I probably would have had it.

It was a fun experience though. I loved how everyone else was cheering for everyone even though they were going against them. I got to see this big guy squat something like 550 and deadlift 545. Some other big guy got 375 on bench. Then we had this guy that was around 5-7 130 squat 325, bench 255, and deadlift 375. I told that guy that he should do some real competitions with the weight he was doing at 130. I totaled 1015 which I am happy about since I got all that on the same day.

I'm glad they had such a thing here. It was nice seeing all the other hardcore lifters there at the same time.