I actually stayed in the whole weekend (an accomplishment for me) until Sunday night when my room mate and I decided to shoot some pool. We were having a pretty good time until this inebriated midget threatened to hit me with his pool cue (I don’t know why). Knowing that he was not in the correct state of mind and that I could clobber him without much effort, I let it go and went about my business. Everything was fine until he walked up to my friend with a half empty pitcher of beer in one hand and a spoon in the other (???). From there he felt the need to explain his love of God, his tenure in the United States Marine Corps, etc, etc. When my friend tried to shoo him away, he slammed his beer on the table and “put up his dukes” a la Daffy Duck. Mercifully, a 6’6” 270+ pound bouncer named Terry had taken notice of the situation and acted quickly. After chasing him around a pool table for a few laps (once again, a la Daffy Duck), Terry caught the little rascal and literally tucked him under his arm like a football and “escorted” him out. It was pretty funny.