I know a ton of people out there now use HIT, but I dont know anyone who uses Mentzer's workout from his recent books. He advocates 3-4 sets per workout with 3 or more days rest inbetween. It seems like everyone out there doing HIT does quite a few more sets than this with less rest days inbetween.

Is Mentzer's routine too low in volume and is it better to do a little more?

I started with Mentzer's program almost 2 years ago and made some awesome initial gains but I stopped lifting for 6 months or so. Now I keep trying to do another HIT workout with a little more volume and I just feel stuck. I shouldnt be in a plateau because I just came off of 6 months rest. I cant decide if I should go back to fewer sets and more rest or what. Let me know what you think. Has anyone tried Mentzers program? Some people tell me that with HIT you will plateau and never be able to get past it.