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Thread: Standard Width vs. Olympic Width Bench

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    Standard Width vs. Olympic Width Bench

    does anyone else experience problems with standard width weight benches, or is it just me? when I bench press from a standard bench my grip seems too wide(because the uprights are closer together, my hands go on the outter edge of the uprights - the side with the weights -) which I think is what has made me plateau ever since I've begun heavier lifting + weight progression, either that, or my chest sucks. I feel like my chest is only getting bigger because I incorporate dumbell presses and dumbell flyes on chest days. also, the barbell always falls over when I try to take off the weights, damn I really should have researched before I started lifting! would have saved my dad a lot of money

    I bought a cheap weight bench when I first began working out and now I will probably have to replace it with a new olympic width bench + squat rack with chin bar.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about here's some pics:

    Standard bench :
    Olympic bench :
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.

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