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Thread: Answer me this!!!

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    Answer me this!!!

    Hey im going to work this whole summer as a treeplanter, im 5'9..155lbs but i would like to bulk up and since ill be working 10hrs a day in the middle of nowhere is there any way i can put on the wight and get it into muscle. A freind of mine said if i take creatine and protein every 2nd day i should be ripped by the time i come back just because treeplanting is strenous on the upper body.Anywayz, my point is, is he right? or do i absolutely have to follow a workout routine?
    Your suggestions would kik @ss

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    oh, i forgot to add in that i wanna gain 15 pounds of muscley-fat and if you got a better idea hit me up

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    in a labor position you will seriously have to put away the calories to gain weight while working in the heat like that.

    your friend is full of crap. creatine and protein have nothing to do with it if youre not eating enough food and stimulating your muscles.

    eat tons of food, including fat, and stick to a weight training program as well as your tree planting.
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    ill be in the middle of the forest, weight training is not possible.tuttut

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    Just a little advice from someone that's done similar work:

    You won't grow. In fact, I lost about 10 lbs doing it.

    You can attempt to lift on off days or even after getting off work, if you have any energy; you'll need a VERY abbreviated routine, but something is better than nothing.

    Heavy work like that usually precludes any type of mass gains, though you could potentially get stronger from the abbreviated routine.
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    Eating more pork.
    Your probably better off eating maintenace or little more. The only thing your friend might be right about is you might get ripped. Since you'll be active all day, you'll be burning alot of cals.

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    It'll be better if you weight train after summer.
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