When i started my training and diet program in January, i weighed in at 218 lbs. standing an even 6 ft. I wasnt necessarily fat, but no doubt i was in need of dropping around 20 lbs. and adding some muscle. Since that time, i have been pretty good at staying on my routine. I've only missed a day or two of training twice since January, so i'm staying dedicated. My diet consists of eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day with a mix of protein, carbs, and fats. I usually have 1 cheat day during the week and no more. I've been very good with the diet, not ever really falling off the wagon.
My workouts consist of Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun alternating between upper and lower body workouts. My routine is similar to the WBB routine, heavier weights with lower reps. I've been taking creatine, whey, multi vitamin, and non-ephadrine fat burner.
Saying this, here are my results to date.......I weighed in yesterday at the gym at 210 lbs. So i've lost 8 lbs. since January. Doesnt seem like much but i have made very noticable changes in my body. I've lost 2 pant and 1 shirt sizes. My wife tells me she definitely can see a noticable difference in my gut going down and my chest is firming up as well. My legs are starting to look very good and toned.
However, i'm still not very happy with the fact i've only lost 8 lbs. in over 4months now. I know a scale is not the best judge of progress one makes when dieting or training, but i cant help but think something just doesnt seem right. I was talking about this with my wife last night and she agreed it seemed weird i've only lost 8 lbs. but my body is definitely improving, particularly that i can wear clothes i hadnt been able to get into in over a year. What is frustrating is that i follow the diet very close and rarely do i miss a workout. I'm still sporting a belly i would die to get rid of.
The two things i'm considering changing is taking an ephedran fat burner such as ripped fuel extreme compared to the non ephadrine stuff. Also, i'm gonna start using glutamine daily along with the current supps.
So i was wondering if i should be a bit disappointed in the lack of weight loss or not? My wife thinks i'm doing great and doesnt understand my disappointment, however, my wife would love me if i weighed 350 lbs as well. Add to the fact that during this same stretch of time my wife has dropped 20 lbs. with the same routine, i'm wondering what the heck is wrong?
Anyone have any advice, opinions, or ideas about my training and routine? How about my supplement intake?
Any responses would and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.