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Thread: squat form..PLEASE HELP

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    squat form..PLEASE HELP

    o.k., whenever I do squats I end messing up my knees. I can leg press 16 plates with no pain. I figured out that the reason this is happening is because I have far too much forward knee flexion on the descent. The center of gravity shifts forward on my way down and my knees travel too far forward. I squat with my knees and not my hips. Is this a balance issue? Flexibility?? How can I fix the problem? I want to perfect my form and hit the squats hard with 5X5.
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    My right shin use to hurt me. Kept me from squatting for a long time. I widened my stance and it seems to have helped. My shin hasn't bothered me since last fall. link might help

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    put plates under your heals if you think it is a balance issue,your right letting your knees go past your toe is a big big no no, it could be flexibility, try doing some stretching before and after. honestly i dont know becouse i cant see your form.
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    It sounds like you have a hamstring flexibility issue.
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    maybe it will help to point your toes outward slightly more
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    I would advise against putting plates under your heels while squatting. I don't know the exact science or anatomy behind it, but I've heard it can be very harmful for your knees.

    Dream, your ankle and hip flexibility might be a bit lacking, especially if your heels are coming off the ground when you squat. Also, try this: even if you don't have a mirror in front of your squat rack, pick a spot high on the wall and keep your eyes on it during the entire lift. This keeps your head up and keeps your back in a safe and strong position.

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    Squat wide, force the knees outward and point the toes out on like a 45 degree angle. Make sure you arch your back hard, keep the bar low on your back. You should not be squatting down by bending the knees. You should be squatting back, while the shins stay perpendicular to the floor. Once your knees start going forward or inward, your frm is shot. Lower the weight and work on it.
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    thanx bros...I'm gonna' lower the weight and perfect the form if it phukin kills me.
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    Look upwards more the whole time. That might help you out a little. It makes a small difference to me

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    The pointing the toes slightly outward helped me unbelievably with keeping my knees back. I also widended my stance slightly, although I'm only squatting shoulder width now.
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    Originally posted by LATMAN
    force the knees outward
    Focusing on forcing my knees outward helped tremendously when I started to have knee issues with my squats some time ago.

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    hey, this link seems to have some good points on it about squat form......
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