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    All presses

    How does everyone feel about doing a pure press chest workout instead of doing flies along with presses?

    Bench pressx3
    Incline pressx3
    Db bench pressx2

    Dumbell and barbell flat bench have different affects on me, that's why I have both of them in there. My chest is huge, but at a stand still. It measures 45 1/4", and it's pretty much all muscle because my bf is 10%. I'm an experienced body builder, and about to enter a contest, so i know what I'm doing (Dont need to hear about eating, gaining, raising my caloric intake or any of that), I just want a different chest workout and came here for ideas. What do yall do, Peace.

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    Personally, I don't do flies at all. I use to , but have dropped them from my routine for now. I get better results with db presses and dips.
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    Looks solid enough to me. I'd see no reason to do dips, especially if you got strong tri's. Depending on your delts, though, I might do dips instead of inclines.
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