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Thread: Transitioning from cut to bulk; and technical/theoretical bulking

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    Transitioning from cut to bulk; and technical/theoretical bulking

    I've just finished a four week cut, with excellent results -- I'm now precisely at the weight and BF% I hoped -- and so I'm wondering how best to transition from cutting to bulking. Should I set my caloric intake to maintenance levels for a week? Or should I simply jump into the bulk proper? (If it's relevant: I just finished my last refeed today).

    On a more theoretical level, I was wondering how the long-sought "perfect bulk" might look. Assuming, for the sake of argument, an ideal training/rest regimen, what would be the best way, in theory, to bulk cleanly? It seems to me that, with our (possibly rudimentary) knowledge of both the anabolic and catabolic processes -- e.g., how best to diet while minimizing muscle loss -- we should be able to construct a diet that would minimize fat gain while maximizing muscle gain. I'm hoping here that the discussion gets quite technical -- that some of the local gurus might chime in. I recall that ST once mentioned that it is possible, in theory, to gain muscle while losing fat; I'm interested to see how one might go about doing so. And while I realize that this goal is likely impossible to meet in practice, I'd love to hear what others here have to say.

    And, yes, let's assume a natural trainer.
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